Local experts with a global reach

The combination of our stellar reputation, local expertise, meaningful community connections, and the international reach and global marketing programs provided by our Affiliation with Christie’s International Real Estate makes Porta da Frente unique in the Cascais area.
Only the most accomplished and trusted brokerages are invited to become Affiliates of Christie’s International Real Estate. We have proven to be a leader in our local luxury market and are proud, with this prestigious and coveted designation, to be a part of the exclusive network spanning the globe.

About Christie's International Real Estate

Drawing upon the success as one of the world’s oldest art auction houses, Christie’s implemented an innovative real estate venture in 1995. The marketing of fine art and high-end real estate proved to be a natural combination, driven by the passion and success of the Christie’s name and the local connections and expertise of highly qualified brokers.
Today, Christie’s International Real Estate commands recognition among discerning buyers and sellers worldwide and is the noted authority on the marketing of high-value properties.

Global luxury-home specialists

Christie's International Real Estate é a única rede de mediação imobiliária especificamente dedicada à comercialização de propriedades de luxo. Composta por mediadores que demonstram o sucesso em vendas de casa luxuosas e na excelência no atendimento ao cliente, a rede une compradores e vendedores em todo o mundo. As propriedades podem ser comercializadas em todo o mundo, utilizando as casas de leilões Christie’s locais, bem como a vasta rede de mediadoras imobiliárias em todo o mundo. Adicionalmente, utilizam todas as ferramentas exclusivas de marketing e publicidade Christie’s disponíveis, tais como a publicidade na revista revista Christie’s International Real Estate, que é publicada quatro vezes por ano, os folhetos personalizados de propriedade distribuídas em todo o mundo no site da Christie’s, e todos os outros conceituados meios de comunicação internacionais.

A magazine with select worldwide readership

The Christie’s International Real Estate magazine, read by affluent homebuyers, offers an enthralling display of the most uncommonly wonderful properties from around the world. With informative and compelling prose and high-quality images, this keepsake publication celebrates the world’s most complete collection of luxury properties in print. Each issue is highly anticipated, read with enthusiasm, and cherished longer than any other real estate publication. A digital version is available at

Christie's International Real Estate - Digital Magazine

Art house and real estate sinergy

As sinergias óbvias entre a Christie’s Arte e a Christie’s International Real Estate, resultam numa vitrine mundial para propriedades distintas. Esta sinergia mutuamente benéfica, constitui uma plataforma mundial de seleção criteriosa para a comercialização de propriedades premium. Nenhuma outra rede oferece este nível de visibilidade internacional para compradores qualificados.

Instant brand recognition

The Christie’s name is an influential endorsement that immediately captures attention, instills a sense of confidence, and provides an assurance of impeccable service, integrity, and discretion. Achieving remarkable longevity of nearly 245 years, the brand commands global awareness and conveys inherent value.
Christie’s International Real Estate is a world-class real estate network driven by the passion and prestige of the Christie’s name and the local expertise of seasoned brokers.