Portugal is the 5th most peaceful country in the world in a sample taken of 163 countries (Global Peace Index 2016).

With an amenable climate, Portugal has a mild winter and in the summer, thanks to the influence of the ocean, the temperatures rarely reach extreme highs.

Portugal is passing through a favourable time, with a positive evolution, both in terms of its economy and its finance.

Improvement in its rates of economic growth, employment, exports and investments during 2016.

Highly developed and mature property market, being at the top of the best European benchmarks in terms of quality, transparency and dynamism, with an ample supply of properties at appealing prices.

Portugal has not undergone property speculation in the last 16 years.

Lisbon offers a price per square metre which is lower than the other main cities in Europe.

Attractive taxation plan for Non-Habitual Residents.

GOLDEN VISA: If you purchase a property at more than 500.000€, you have the right to a resident's visa for the whole family for 5 years and, if you transfer your taxation residency to Portugal, you have the right to a Portuguese/European passport after 5 years.

Low taxation rates in comparison with the rest of Europe.

Portugal has an excellent geographical location, at the convergience of 3 continents. Here there are international airports all across the country with regular connections to the main cities in the world.

Lisbon has won many prestigious prizes for tourism: beaches with endless sands stretching out of sight, mountains and golden plains, cosmopolitan cities and a one thousand year old ancestry as well as the best golf courses. Lisbon has won many prestigious prizes for tourism: Best European Destination, Best Short Stay Destination in Europe, Best Destination in Europe for Cruise Liners and it is one of the cities in the world with the best quality of life.


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