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Alecrim 15

Cais do Sodré

Reference: PF16621


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  • Status: Under Construction
  • Energy Certificate: Em curso
  • Construction Beginning: 2018
  • End of Construction: 2018
  • Zone: Cais do Sodré

Distinctive feature of the pombaline style, the iconic name Alecrim is now reborn in number 15, bringing life to a totally renewed building. The way to Chiado begins here: vibrating places to experience the best of Lisbon, where people can enjoy the best local cuisine and a vast cultural diversity.

The building Alecrim 15 is composed by 19 residential real estate and a commercial area. The typologies of the apartments differ from studio, 1 to 2 bedrooms, with gross floor areas between 38 sq.m e 100 sq.m. Most of the T1 and T2 fractions also benefit from a space for storage. In this place, tradition and modernity coexist. The woods on the floor and on the windows create a classical atmosphere, paying tribute not only to the history of the building, but also to the neighbourhood, fitting perfectly with latest generation materials and equipment.

The balconies of the higher floors offer a harmonious sight over the city of Lisbon and also to the renewed riverside area of Cais do Sodré. Enjoy all the comfort in one of the best locations in Lisbon. Chiado is one of the most emblematic and historical neighbourhoods of the city of Lisbon, rebuilt by the architect Álvaro Siza Vieira in the 1990 decade and nowadays assuming itself as one of the most cosmopolitan and busy locations of the Portuguese capital.

Reference Type Bedrooms Floor Fraction G.F.A. Parking Garage Availability Floor Plan
PF16626 Apartment T2 2 2D 100.40 m2 0 650.000€ PDF
PF16624 Apartment T0 2 2B 39.60 m2 0 285.000€ PDF
PF16625 Apartment T0 2 2C 45.76 m2 0 Sold
PF16623 Apartment T1 2 2A 46.46 m2 0 Sold
PF16628 Apartment T0 3 3B 39.26 m2 0 295.000€ PDF
PF16627 Apartment T0 3 3A 51.64 m2 0 375.000€ PDF
PF16630 Apartment T2 3 3D 95.72 m2 0 630.000€ PDF
PF16629 Apartment T1 3 3C 67.08 m2 0 Sold
PF16633 Apartment T1 4 4C 67.08 m2 0 Sold
PF16632 Apartment T0 4 4B 39.26 m2 0 Sold
PF16631 Apartment T0 4 4A 51.64 m2 0 380.000€ PDF
PF16634 Apartment T2 4 4D 95.72 m2 0 650.000€ PDF
PF16638 Apartment T2 5 5D 95.72 m2 0 Sold
PF16637 Apartment T1 5 5C 63.89 m2 0 Sold
PF16636 Apartment T0 5 5B 37.74 m2 0 Sold
PF16635 Apartment T0 5 5A 49.57 m2 0 Sold
PF16640 Apartment T1 6 6B 61.91 m2 0 505.000€ PDF
PF16641 Apartment T2 6 6C 91.01 m2 0 690.000€ PDF
PF16639 Apartment T1 6 6A 59.87 m2 0 500.000€ PDF
Surrounding Area
  • Public Transportation
  • Town centre
  • Zona Histórica

Equipment / Infrastructures
  • Microwave
  • Washing Machine
  • Double Glazed
  • Elevator
  • Drier machine
  • Fridge
  • Video Doorman
  • Bathtub
  • Dishwasher
  • Oven
  • Heater
  • Air Conditioning