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Liberdade 12

Avenida da Liberdade

Reference: PF09768


  • Status: Under Construction
  • Energy Certificate: In Progress
  • Construction Beginning: 2016
  • End of Construction: 2018
  • Zone: Avenida da Liberdade


At the bottom end of the Avenida da Liberdade, surrounded by the best shops, restaurants, hotels and theatres of Lisbon, comes Liberdade 12. A breath of fresh air and modernity, which makes authentic luxury in the centre of the city.

Liberdade 12 is a unique project of alteration and extension of 2 buildings from the end of the 19th century/beginning of the 20th, creating an exclusive renovation project for apartments of incomparable quality and a luxury shopping centre. On the corner of the Avenida da Liberdade and the Rua das Portas de Santo Antão, this project foresees large and welcoming apartments, shops and restaurant areas.

Owners of the apartments will have exclusive access to the Club House which comprises a relaxing spa, a fully equipped gym and extensive private gardens, forming a really luxurious place in the heart of Lisbon.

The apartments of Liberdade 12 occupy 3,900 sqm of prime space in the centre of the city. In Liberdade 12 you will find a space of serenity and elegance, where you can enjoy the most exclusive and sought after location in the city. A perfect blend of city and tranquility with a refined and luxurious atmosphere, with the finest equipment and finishes, such as wooden flooring and moulded ceilings.

In Liberdade 12 you have at your disposal a range of exclusive services and installations which make living here so much more extraordinarily different. You begin with the opportunity of being able to choose from the decoration packages which are exclusive to this project and then you go to the access to the elegant and welcoming Spa 12 and the fully equipped gym with private rooms for personal training which promise to daily revitalise your body and mind.

A concierge service, available 24 hours a day 7 days a week, ready to attend to all requests of residents of Liberdade 12.

Reference Type Bedrooms Floor Fraction G.F.A. Parking Garage Availability Plan
PF10236 Apartment T1   1 AE Pátio 60.00 m2 0 Sold
PF09772 Apartment T3   1 G 203.00 m2 0 Sold
PF10237 Apartment T2   1 AF Pátio 117.00 m2 0 Sold
PF10235 Apartment T3   1 AD Pátio 122.00 m2 0 Sold
PF09770 Apartment T2   1 E 163.00 m2 0 Sold
PF09773 Apartment T2   1 H 144.00 m2 0 Sold
PF09774 Apartment T1   1 I 102.00 m2 0 Sold
PF09771 Apartment T1   1 F 78.00 m2 0 Sold
PF09776 Apartment T1   2 K 90.00 m2 0 Sold
PF10238 Apartment T3   2 AG Pátio 122.00 m2 0 Sold
PF09777 Apartment T3   2 L 203.00 m2 0 Sold
PF10241 Apartment T2   2 AI Pátio 117.00 m2 0 Sold
PF10240 Apartment T1   2 AH Pátio 60.00 m2 0 Sold
PF09778 Apartment T2   2 M 143.00 m2 0 Sold
PF09775 Apartment T3   2 J 203.00 m2 0 Sold
PF09780 Apartment T1   3 O 90.00 m2 0 Sold
PF09779 Apartment T3   3 N 203.00 m2 0 Sold
PF09783 Apartment T1   3 P 88.00 m2 0 Sold
PF10243 Apartment T2   3 AK Pátio 104.00 m2 0 Sold
PF09784 Apartment T1   3 Q 111.00 m2 0 Sold
PF09785 Apartment T2   3 R 143.00 m2 0 Sold
PF10242 Apartment T1   3 AJ Pátio 94.00 m2 0 Sold
PF09791 Apartment T1   4 z 85.00 m2 0 Sold
PF09787 Apartment T1   4 T 79.00 m2 0 Sold
PF09789 Apartment T1   4 V 87.00 m2 0 Sold
PF09788 Apartment T1   4 U 71.00 m2 0 Sold
PF09790 Apartment T2   4 X 130.00 m2 0 Sold
PF09786 Apartment T1   4 S 77.00 m2 0 Sold
PF09793 Apartment T3   5 AB 167.00 m2 0 Sold
PF09792 Apartment T3   5 AA 162.00 m2 0 Sold
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