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Sant'Ana 67


Reference: PF08124


  • Status: New
  • Energy Certificate: In Progress
  • Construction Beginning:
  • End of Construction:
  • Zone:

Sant’Ana 67, Campo Mártires da Pátria, is the result of the reconstruction and renovation of an 18th century house,marrying its history from the 17th century with high quality and comfort standards, making it truly unique.
Dozens of tile panels in the grand entrance hall and stairway area as well as in some of the apartments, the high wood paneled ceilings provide the feeling of being in a spacious house and not in an apartment. So as to provide a greater sense of comfort, the exterior walls are thicker than 1 m , which translates into naturally cool areas in the summer and sheltered warmth in winter .
The 12 apartments range from 1 to 5 bedrooms, with private areas from 106 sqm to 361 sqm, as well as private parking.
Apartments sometimes with terraces and gardens and other times with multi-level spaces such as duplex solutions, enjoying plenty of natural light in the Colina de Sant’Ana and scenic views of the city and river.

Reference Type Bedrooms Floor Fraction G.F.A. Parking Garage Availability Plan
PF08148 Apartment T0   0 C 80.40 m2 0 Sold
PF08147 Apartment T1   0 B 122.60 m2 0 Sold
PF08146 Apartment T1   0 A 94.40 m2 0 Sold
PF08141 Apartment T1   1 F 97.10 m2 0 Sold
PF08139 Apartment T3  Duplex 1 I 144.90 m2 0 Sold
PF08128 Apartment T4 +1  Duplex 1 E 316.40 m2 0 Sold
PF08126 Apartment T5 +1  Duplex 1 D 359.10 m2 0 Sold
PF08135 Apartment T5 +1  Duplex 2 H 306.10 m2 0 Sold
PF08145 Apartment T4   2 G 246.60 m2 0 Sold
PF08149 Apartment T2  Duplex 2 J 143.90 m2 0 Sold
PF08140 Apartment T2  Duplex 3 N 149.70 m2 0 Sold
PF08136 Apartment T4  Duplex 3 K 261.60 m2 0 1.210.000€
PF08137 Apartment T4  Duplex 3 L 291.00 m2 0 1.260.000€
PF08143 Apartment T1  Duplex 3 M 105.60 m2 0 Sold
Surrounding Area
  • Town centre
  • Vista para Rio
  • Green spaces
  • Commercial Area
  • View to Garden

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