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Villa Torrinha


Reference: PF10947


  • Status: Under Construction
  • Energy Certificate: In Progress
  • Construction Beginning:
  • End of Construction: 2017
  • Zone: Restelo

Villa Torrinha

Inspired by the Tagus River, a flagship project is born: the Villa Torrinha. A private condo marked by the fusion of modern and contemporary design with the wealth of a rich past history. Here in “Torrinha”, where once Dukes and Duchesses spent their holidays, a new lifestyle emerges for you to experience. Villa Torrinha stands out for its quality features, its comfort and use of space, creating a unique environment in which to enjoy exquisite moments in an exclusive space that provides a perfect location where your family may grow.

Located in a prime area on the Lisbon riverfront, Villa Torrinha is situated in the historical neighbourhood of Restelo, one of the most desired areas to live in Lisbon and a true urban symbol of quality. A very much sought-after location, where embassies, gardens, Belem Tower, the Marina, the Champalimaud Foundation, the Belém Cultural Centre and the Jerónimos Monastery are only but a few of the ‘neighbours’ welcoming you to this notable part of the city.

Due to its excellent location, the Villa Torrinha development provides you with the mobility and the necessary tranquillity to choose the lifestyle that suits you best. Surrounded by every amenity, this area of Lisbon fully plays its role as a cultural centre enriched with historical monuments. This heritage of great historical and artistic interest makes this one of the most influential areas in the capital. This part of the city is also served by adequate quick access points, placing it just a few minutes away from down town Lisbon and the Estoril coastline, and allowing you to enjoy all the advantages of living in Restelo.

Villa Torrinha is a private condominium, with pool and garden, that consists in 16 apartments and 7 “Garden Houses” of high standard, ranging from T1+1 to T4+1, seamlessly integrated with the surroundings, where the modern and the traditional are balanced together in a sublime example of architecture. The apartments on the upper floors have balconies enjoying nice views and good sunlight exposure. The “Garden Houses” allow the experience of a single house which, simultaneously, benefits from the fact of being part of a private condominium.

Reference Type Bedrooms Floor Fraction G.F.A. Parking Garage Availability Plan
PF10950 Apartment T4   0 5 B 265.00 m2 4 Sold
PF10952 Apartment T4   0 7 A 239.00 m2 4 Sold
PF10954 Apartment T3   0 3 B 216.00 m2 3 Sold
PF10956 Apartment T2   0 1 B 144.00 m2 2 Sold
PF10949 Apartment T3   0 2 A 211.00 m2 3 Sold
PF10951 Apartment T4 +1   0 6 A 210.00 m2 4 Sold
PF10955 Apartment T3   0 4 A 200.00 m2 3 Sold
PF10963 Apartment T4   1 22 A 256.00 m2 4 Sold
PF10964 Apartment T3   1 14 B 218.00 m2 3 Sold
PF10966 Apartment T3   1 18 B 190.00 m2 3 Sold
PF10960 Apartment T4   1 20 B 264.00 m2 4 Sold
PF10959 Apartment T4   1 19 A 231.00 m2 4 Sold
PF10961 Apartment T2 +1   1 9 A 128.00 m2 2 Sold
PF10962 Apartment T1 +1   1 8 B 98.00 m2 2 Sold
PF10965 Apartment T3   1 17 A 200.00 m2 3 Sold
PF10968 Apartment T3   2 12 B 202.00 m2 3 Sold
PF10971 Apartment T3 +1   2 15 A 181.00 m2 3 Sold
PF10969 Apartment T4 +1   2 21 A 295.00 m2 4 Sold
PF10972 Apartment T3   2 16 B 190.00 m2 3 Sold
PF10973 Apartment T4 +1   2 23 A 240.00 m2 4 Sold
PF10967 Apartment T3   2 11 A 171.00 m2 3 Sold
PF10970 Apartment T2 +1   2 10 B 122.00 m2 2 Sold
PF10974 Apartment T3   3 13 B 182.00 m2 3 Sold
Surrounding Area
  • Vista para Cidade
  • Praça Táxis

Equipment / Infrastructures
  • Garage
  • Washing Machine
  • Elevator
  • Microwave
  • Vitroceramic Cooktop
  • Double Glazed
  • Garden
  • Stove
  • Shared Swimming Pool
  • Dishwasher
  • Wardrobes
  • Pool
  • Electric blinds
  • Drier machine
  • Oven
  • Thermal Insulation
  • Acoustic Insulation
  • Air Conditioning
  • Video Doorman
  • Fridge